Road Condition in Yei, Sudan. It took us 5 hours to travel 70 miles!

We are busy in Yei. I started telling Bible stories in the classrooms, teaching some music and doing a little instruction. After school I have started In-services with teachers on using the materials we brought. They are thrilled with everything we brought and are so grateful. Thanks you to everyone who had a hand in this effort. It was well worth every moment we spent getting ready. You are dear friends and family that have supported us the whole way. I think of the verse that says “…true religion is this to visit the fatherless and the widows in their affliction…” We have no idea the pain and suffering these people have and do endure and yet they are happy, hopeful and leaning on Jesus.

The Students at Royal School outside for Gym Class.

I have spent some time traveling to two other schools Royal School International has started. The school has grown to 950 students.

Dennis has been working on helping start a new well project. The water is a real problem. We will fill you in on the exciting new plans when we arrive home.

I do have some trouble sleeping through the night but Dennis sleeps like a baby. We are slowly worming our way into the hearts of the people. They are definitely endearing themselves to us. Thank you all for praying. We feel safe, appreciated, and welcome. We have also been very healthy. The Lord is good and answers prayer!

The Gas Station in Yei, Sudan.