south-sudan-map-2011We received an email from our Headmaster from the school in South Sudan today. There have been killings in Juba which have shut down most of the country. Please pray for our kids and staff! This is his email and Dan Peters’ response.


Hi Dan,
I hope you are doing fine and the family. We have not got the account number yet. It was to be out this week but now we are in a mess if you have been following our political unrest. Banks are closed, business came to a stand still and the fear is unbearable among South Sudanese after the killings in Juba. We cannot move as roads are blocked, we cannot sleep but we are trusting God who walked with us for the last 21 years to still show His mercy.

We hope that the situation improves.

Alex Loburi


Alex we are praying for the peace of S Sudan