10 Nov

A Very Full Day!

The kids playing Numbers and Shaped BINGO from the bins. Manny and his sister waiting for the moped to pick them up to go home. We have had a very full day! I went to three different schools with the head principal while he observed student teachers. I came home and went to 1st grade to tell a Bible story. I have been telling Bible stories in grade 1,2 and 3. I had to have an interpreter in grade 1...

09 Nov

It is Friday Here in the Sudan.

[youtube=http://youtu.be/P2phQ5HRMg4] It is Friday and I have finally figured out how to keep the blog going. I am listening to the man drilling a new well. When we got here we realized just deepening the well would not solve their clean water problem. They needed a bore hole well that would go much deeper and would be much more expensive. So Dennis started working on getting the well started. It is exciting to hear the machines digging and know they may...

09 Nov

We are so busy in Yei, Sudan!

Road Condition in Yei, Sudan. It took us 5 hours to travel 70 miles! We are busy in Yei. I started telling Bible stories in the classrooms, teaching some music and doing a little instruction. After school I have started In-services with teachers on using the materials we brought. They are thrilled with everything we brought and are so grateful. Thanks you to everyone who had a hand in this effort. It was well worth every moment we spent getting...

03 Nov

We arrived in Yei, Sudan

Finally a new post We have arrived in Yei and are settled in to a much more relaxed life style. The people are so excited about the bins.  They clap and smile whenever we mention them. I  am working with the librarian organizing the materials and observing in the classrooms . Next week I start teaching a little and doing teacher training in the afternoon.  Dennis is busy learning about their farming and looking onto some needs in transportation.  We are...