27 Oct

We made it to Amsterdam!

We made it to Amsterdam.  Dennis is trying to get a little sleep before we board for Uganda.  We were amazed how much faster the flight went then we expected.  It was only 8 hours.  It was great. Lynda Blake ...

24 Oct

We’ve checked with ALL of our bags!

We are at the Minneapolis airport ready to board .  Dan said checking in the bins was the easiest and quickest experience he has ever had.  We told him this trip is being bathed in prayer. We are relaxed and excited.  We may sleep for a week. Please keep praying! Dennis & Lynda Blake ...

18 Oct

African mission trumps Hawaiian vacation for couple

By Joni Astrup on October 17, 2012 at 12:24 pm She will work in a school; he will help establish a garden by Joni Astrup Associate editor Dennis and Lynda Blake of Nowthen had planned to take an exotic vacation to Hawaii. Instead, they are using that money to travel to Africa’s South Sudan this fall. There they will spend a month helping out in a school with a dirt floor, working on a garden, cooking over an open fire and sleeping under mosquito...

24 Apr

Recess with ONE Balloon!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpFuKsgKeA4&w=425&h=344] The Students of Royal School International are so full of joy! They live such simple lives at home, many times the highlight of their day is to go to school. They love to run around at recess.  In the above video, Dan Peters gives the students ONE balloon to play with at recess.  They go crazy with it.  See as they live every moment to the fullest in even the poorest of circumstances! ...